PNAC - IEEE 802.1x port based Network Access Control

The security of software systems and their data is very important. The safety of the IT-infrastructure is a main part of the security architecture, but since human beings are the main security gap, they should be included, too. A big step towards security is done with managing and automating access privileges, as well as standardization and automation of anti-virus strategies.

Graphic that shows the features of PNAC
Problem “unsecure networks”:
  • In an efficient company network it should always be possible to connect network-compatible devices. But without safety precaution this is very dangerous, because foreign, unprotected or even virus-infected computer would be able to create a connection too.
  • Extern devices (of visitors, customers, agents, auditors, etc.) need to be able to connect to the internet (for example for presentations, etc.) but they must not have access to the internal company network.
  • Sales representatives who mainly work outward or from home might not be up to date with the latest patches or virus patterns and can endanger the whole network.
  • Within a company it can be important to not only separate the access privileges for different departments to data but also to the network.

The port-based Network Access Control security solution (PNAC) which was developed by hs²n, prevents unregistered users from connecting to the network. It makes it possible to assign devices to secure VLANs and even checks the patches and antivirus software of the clients.

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